Friday, November 27, 2009

Box of Crayons

If anyone is reading this blog and/or interested in this project, please let me know. Other wise I'm not going to bother with it anymore. This will be my last update for a long while unless I hear otherwise.

So anyway, work has ground to a halt. I have to learn some Python. I'm sure I can learn it, it just a matter of the length of time it will take. Unfortunately, I doubt anyone would be willing to code for me. I don't want a collaborator, especially if they flake on me. I guess I can continue to do the graphics but I fear I'll have all this work on the graphics side and no way to pull it all together. I'm not sure how to structure the levels once they are designed - do I have a bunch of separate .blend files for each level or one big file? How do I keep track of items collected by the player and save their progress? That's rhetorical really - the answer is Python of course.

My approach to this, from what I've seen, is not the way most game creators do it. Most seem to be coders that struggle with graphics while I'm a graphics artist struggling with code. Also, coders tend to look down on artists, like they are just idiots playing with a box of crayons to make things pretty and add nothing of value to the design of a game (or any software for that matter).

Maybe I shouldn't let the code stuff distract me at this point and keep pushing forward with the my box of crayons. Well, in this case, it's more like a box of charcoal but you get the idea.

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