Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ZBrush WIP

I downloaded the ZBrush 30 day trial. This is the first thing I did with it. It's not complete and this isn't the highest subdivision level, mainly because Blender chokes when trying to load such a large file. Plus I had to use decimate on it to knock it down so I could get Blender to do anything beside show a slideshow while moving things around. The low mesh density is obvious around the eyes in the closeup. I'm still learning it and trying to figure out a proper workflow so hopefully, I'll get these problems worked out. I may have to buy more RAM and switch to Windows 7 64-bit for better performance.

Anyway, I wanted to see how ZBrush stacks up to various FLOSS sculpting-style modelling tools. There's no comparison, ZBrush blows them all away. I think I'm going to have lay down the cash for this application.

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